Portable chargers

AT portable chargers are compact devices that are comparable in weight and dimensions to existing battery chargers widely used all over the world.

A widely used portable equipment requires regular recharging. Conventional portable systems are almost useless at negative temperatures, and they require recharging after being used by applying conventional sources (power mains), which also reduces their efficiency and independence of your charger.

AT systems require the compact full cartridge to be replaced, which makes it possible to use the charger right away.


The primary AT purpose is to maintain the independence of wearable devices:

  • Phones
  • Tabs and laptops
  • Radio stations
  • Other electronic devices and systems

AT key advantages as compared to conventional batteries:

  • System's energy density can be changed by changing the number of fuel cylinders, which ensures almost unlimited independence
  • The system can efficiently operate at negative temperatures
  • Almost unlimited storage life of energy (no self-discharging)


AT is completed with a fuel cartridge charger to charge cartridges with hydrogen. For the charger operation, only electric power and distilled water are required.


Products range Characteristics
Personal wearable chargers Voltage 5V, current 2A, power 10W, power level in fuel system min. 12 W*h
Voltage 12V, current 5A, power 60W, power level in fuel system min. 120 W*h
Mobile portable chargers

Voltage 24V, current 6.5A, power 150W, power level in fuel system min. 350 W*h