BMPower Signed an Agreement on Cooperation with the Slovak Technology Company Litech

27.02.2017, 09:00

In Moscow, the Russian company BMPower and the Slovak technology company Litech signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. The companies plan to implement projects based on the BMPower technologies in order to enter the European market.

As part of the cooperation, it is planned to carry out joint engineering, designing, development and delivery of innovative solutions in the field of energy sources for various industries based on the technologies and products of BMPower on the territory of the European Union.

"We implement an exit strategy targeted at the European market. We believe that the Litech Company is a promising partner," the BMPower BDO Alexey Ivanenko commented on signing an agreement with Litech.

The Litech Company Director Jozef Žarnovičan said, "We believe that the technology of fuel cell production developed by the BMPower company is very promising and we see great opportunities of its application, particularly in the aviation industry. This technology is fully integrated into the mainstream of the Litech company's main activity aimed at the introduction of new advanced technologies in Europe. We are convinced that cooperation with the BMPower company will also benefit the development of transport, energy independence and addressing the issues related to the environmental improvement in Europe."

BMPower is an innovation company that produces r fuel cell power systems, as well as develops the end products and articles based thereon.

Litech is a technology company, which is engaged in the introduction of new technologies and developments into the European Union.