The effect of various pollutants on the system is different:
- large dust and debris are filtered by the system at the entrance to the FCM. If the filter is changed in a timely manner, they will not have any impact on the operation of the FCPS.
- fine dust and soot contained in smoky air can clog the pores of open gas diffusion layers of fuel cells. It is recommended to increase the frequency of service.
- carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, ammonia vapors, which may be present in smoky air, will not have a significant impact on the operation of our system.
- sulfur and its oxides can cause a decrease in the system capacity. It is also recommended to increase the frequency of service  maintenance.

It is not possible to determine in advance the complete list of all chemical pollutants whose content in the air can affect the system operation. Before using our system in a chemical contamination environment, we recommend that you seek expert advice from BMPower technical support department.