Fuel Cell Power System

Fuel Cell Power System

Fuel Cell Power System for UAVs

A next-generation power supply system based on our own hydrogen-air fuel cells designed for UAVs is an alternative to Li-ion batteries, with a game-changing ability to store up to 10 times more energy at comparable weight and dimensions, drastically increasing flight time up to 4 and the scope of operations available for a UAV. This allows efficiently completing multiple tasks from video surveillance to delivery of payload.

These systems utilize state-of-the-art design solutions and materials ensuring the maximum possible specific energy density for the specified capacity.

Basic competitive advantages in comparison with classical solutions: noiselessness, absence of vibrations, operating and starting temperatures up to -40 ℃, long service life, ecological compatibility, and high energy density of hydrogen-air fuel cells.

The fuel system applies high-strength light cylinders and reducers to ensure maximum stock of compressed hydrogen onboard. It is allowed to use cylinders of various volumes (from 0.5 to 25 l) with reducers ensuring the required hydrogen flow rate.

Range of BMPower's hydrogen-air power systems

   Jun 2018

If you did not find a product that meets your requirements, fill out the questionnaire and send it to BMPower by e-mail info@bmpower.ru We will send you the calculation of the system as soon as possible.

Hydrogen Source

BMPower has signed an agreement on strategic cooperation in the field of hydrogen supplies for UAVs and other hydrogen-fuel cell vehicles with Linde Gas, the world's largest producer of technical gases. Thanks to the strategic partnership with Linde Gas, it has become possible to supply hydrogen to customers all over the world, which makes the operation of BMPower products most convenient and safe.

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