About us

BM POWER - is a Russian developer and manufacturer of advanced energy
storage and power delivery solutions, as well as ultimate products based on it.

The company was founded in 2016 and is engaged in design, development and supply
of the high-tech solutions in the area of energy storage in different applications.

We are customer-focused and service-oriented developer and producer. We are committed to continuous
improvement through R&D process to create and deliver products that enable our customers to improve
the performance and value of their products.

The company’s product range includes:

Li-ion supercapacitors

(specific energy up to 60 W*h/kg and power
density more than 3000 W/kg)

Impulse supercapacitors

(specific energy up to 8 W*h/kg and power density 14,6 kW/kg)

Energy systems

(based on fuel cells with power from 50 W until 10kW)


Impulse supercapacitor BM Power

Supercapacitors work in tandem with batteries for the applications which require a constant low power discharge
for continuous functions and pulse power for peak loads. In these cases, the ultracapacitors relieve the peak power
function. That gives longer battery life, reducing the battery size and lower costs.

The key competitive advantages: pouch-technology (film body) enables increasing the specific technical
parameters for 10-20% and the number of cycles up to 500 000.

Applications: regeneration brake system, cold start engine, start-stop system, backup power sources.

Where applicable

Impulse supercapacitor BM Power

Buses and trucks

Supercapacitors are used in city buses and trucks and can effectively perform the function of «start-stop». It is capable of storing energy and quickly charging which makes supercapacitors quite promising for appliance in regenerative braking circuits.

Trams and trolleybuses

The use of energy storage for electric transport is a problem solver in the running gear for minimal autonomy (passage of a de-energized needle, a sharp turn with jamming, etc.).


Supercapacitors are widely used in cars to protect a variety of engine control devices and micro controllers from voltage dips due to unforeseen load changes.

Railway transport

The installation of energy storage devices is stationary at the stations of energy collection from braking train and energy release to the moving and accelerating vehicle.

Forklifts and elevator equipment

Warehouse equipment, lifting equipment due to the ability to accumulate energy and quickly charge.

Oil & gas infrastructure and energy systems

Power delivery solution for electrical equipment of compressor stations, backup power system for pumping stations.

Aviation systems

Playing the key role as a backup power source, maintaining the operability of auxiliary devices and aircraft systems during short-term failures of the main power system. Performing the function of the stabilizer at an unstable voltage.


Li-ion supercapacitor BM Power

Li-ion supercapacitors (LiS) – hybrid energy storage, the principle is based on electrical double layer
and the Faraday processes. LiS contains the graphite and carbon electrode.
Accumulation of energy on graphite electrode occurs as a result of intercalation of lithium ions,
on the carbon – as a result of the changing the double electric layer.

Key competitive advantages: rapid charge time and significant greater number of cycles in comparison
with lead-acid and li-ion batteries.

Comparison of

Technical parameters

Where applicable

Li-ion supercapacitor BM Power

Land, air and railway

At the market of power sources for electric and hybrid vehicles product can be used mainly in hybrid systems. Our solution eliminates an inefficiently of li-ion batteries working in the state of recuperation and losing the resource when charging with high currents and at low temperature conditions.

Forklifts and elevator

Li-ion supercapacitors can be used as power systems for loading and unloading equipment (electric forklifts, reach trucks). Our solution eliminates the problem of lead-acid batteries in charge time and cycle durability.


Energy systems based on li-ion supercapacitors are able to obtain a significant effect in volume reducing of power purchase and cost of network maintenance. Our solution gives an opportunity to optimize the schedule of energy consumption and minimize the load on the network during peak power.


Fuel cells BM Power

The hydrogen-air fuel cells convert the chemical energy of fuel into the electrical energy, bypassing
the inefficient combustion processes accompanied by great losses. As a result of the highly effective «cold»
combustion of fuel, electrical energy is generating. A fuel cell with a polymer exchange membrane is one
of the most promising fuel cell technologies.

The key competitive advantages: noiselessness, absence of vibration, possibility to work effectively
at temperatures from -40*C, long operational life, environment friendliness,
high specific energy of systems based on fuel cells.

Application: power supply systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), power supply
systems for ground robotics systems, portable charger, uninterruptible power supply units (UPS).

Comparison of

Technical parameters

Multi-copter with rated consumption 1kW

Where applicable

Fuel cells BM Power

Robotics technical

Power supply systems based on fuel cells are able of improving the operational characteristics of robotics technical systems, increasing working time. The increase of duration of flight is more than 5 times at a comparable weight of an aerial vehicle.

Portable charger

Energy systems on fuel cells are able to reduce the energy dependence and weight load on the soldier (reducing the battery weight by 3-6 times or increasing the operating time by 4-8 times with the same battery weight), that is one of the most important thing for increasing the mobility and combat readiness of the military units.

Uninterruptible power
supply units (UPS)

Energy systems based on fuel cells are capable of replacing the classic generators with diesel and gasoline fuel. Opportunity to work in extended operating temperature range (-40*C/+40*C), rapid system start time and high power.



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